Saturday, 30 June 2018

Workcamp 2018

Days 28 and 29 of juny: arrivals, meetings and first impressions

Helen and Rema

Two days ago Helen and I arrived at Bueges to join our first camp! The travel was exhausting  because something went wrong. Joana, a Polish girl, lost her lagguage at the airport. Finally, after two days, her lagguage came to the camp. She didn’t even get repayment.

When we all finally arrive to Begues we had a meeting, and we did our presentation while we were playing to some games. It was really funny because the first game was to remeber each others’ names but all lof us misspronounced them. At the beginning it was difficult because we didn’t know each other, but afer a few games this situation disfused.

When we arrived at the cave the next morning the expectations were high and even through the inside wasn’t as large as expected. Pablo, our guide, told us how the cave was used over the time. We discovered an interesting thing that on this place you can see the layers of the different chronologies since 10000 years to present. Afterwords we began our volunteer work.

These two days were full of interesting activities and lots of explanations.

On the 29th night we went to see a typical catalan dance, called "sardana", and the  local people teach us how to do that.  

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